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How do you find the right camp for your player?

Picking the right camp for you and your athlete can seem intimidating at first. There are A LOT of options, and everyone is saying the same thing: "come to our camp and we'll make you better at football, get you recruited, etc". If every camp company guarantees they'll improve skills and get a football player noticed, how do you pick?

Finding the right Football Camp

  • Step 1: Establish goals for you and your football player. Is your player entering their first year of football and you want them to get caught up on the fundementals? Are you trying to fine tune existing skills so that your athlete can make the team? Are you trying to gain exposure to colleges, scouts, or recruiters?
  • Step 2: How far are you willing to travel? Depending on your goals, there may be many local camp options available to you. If your goal is to attend a regional or national camp, or if you'd like to attend a camp held on a specific college campus, make sure you're willing to commit to the travel.
  • Step 3: Set a budget. You're making an investment into your athlete's future. Sometimes that can be inexpensive (a national combine or 7-on-7 put on by a major sponsor with free enrollment) and sometimes there's no way around having to drop significant cash on professional training. Before you register for an event make sure you can commit to it financially.
  • Step 4: Do your homework. Not all camp and training companies are built the same or have the ability, experience, or intent to fulfill the promises they're making. Be wary of regional camps that are run by big name national sponsors. They may only be out to promote their brand and check off a line item on their marketing budget. Look for well-establish camps that have been proven over the years to not only improve your player's football game, but also further their goals outside of the sport.
  • Step 5: Ask questions! Call, email, message on social media. If you have questions about why you should sign your player up for a particular camp, then ask them. This will be the best way to cut through the sales pitch on a website or flyer and get real answers from real people who have hands-on experience with the product you're looking for.

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